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Early Dismissal - Science and Fine Arts Fair 

St. John's will dismiss at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, November 3rd. Teachers will be setting up for the SAFA fair at Luther. 

Science Day at Luther 11-3 

Dear parents,

The 5th grade students will be visiting Luther for "A  5th Grade Science Day" on Friday, November 3rd. Along with 15 other association schools students will learn some wonderful science concepts taught by the Luther faculty.

The students will leave school on Friday at 8:30 and join with the other LALSAC schools in a devotion, learning and interacting with science, and finally some lunch. We will be back at school by 12:30.

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School Delays and Cancellations

School Cancellation/ Delays and Early Outs
Our Minnesota weather often causes problems with scheduling school events. When the weather is severe enough to endanger safe transportation to and from school, the district will notify radio and television stations with information and times. We urge parents to monitor stations when the weather may cause a delay, cancellation or early release.
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Classroom Party Updated 10-20

On Wednesday, October 23rd the 5-6 grade will be having a fall costume party. Children may bring treats and costumes. Please, do not allow the costumes to be worn to school. If you have any questions please call or email me. Thank you.

Parent resources

You can find the new parent resource page under the Important resource tab on the homepage. These links will provide you with helpful information on various family topics.
Use the Devotion tab to start your day with a message from God's Word. Want to know more about Luther High School or Martin Luther College? Check out the WELS school tab. Are you concerned about internet usage in your home? Click the internet safety links that provide up-to-date information. Dr. Sylvia Rimm, a noted psychologist and WELS presenter, gives her important thoughts on topics such as homework, after school sports, divorce, and many other important issues. There are other resources to guide you in your walk with Christ. Please take the time to use the resources...More Information

Helping Your Child With Their Study Skills

1. Set up a regular study time in a quiet, comfortable place where your child won't have distractions.
2. Encourage daily study, even if there's no homework. reading and reviewing lessons will get your child in the habit of studying every day.
3. Make sure your child keeps track of assignments and has all the study tools needed for homework.
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Congratulations to Science and Fine Arts Contestants 10-20  (updated)

Congratulations to our Spelling and Math Classroom winners. The 1st and 2nd place winners will represent our school in the SAFA fair at Luther High on Saturday, November 3rd.

Math- 6th
1. Michael
2. Elijah
3. Ezekiel (A)
4.Garrett (A)

Spelling- 6th
3. Adhyn
4. Andon

Math - 5th
1. Emma
2. Orion
3. Natalie
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Classroom Math and Spelling Resources

Our subscription to IXL, a web based math curriculum, will continue to run throughout the summer. Studies have shown that over the summer children can lose 10-15% of the prevoius subject's skills. This is a great opportunity for skill review! 20 minutes a day, 3 times a week will get your child off to great start next year.
Also, the SpellingCity website is a nice site for your child to review their weekly spelling words. There are pretests and interactive game to reinforce the words throughout the week. You can find both websites on the classroom cool sites page...More Information