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Religion (Christ-Light)

This week's theme: God permits sorrows to enter a Christian's life.

Lessons: Joseph is Sold by His Brothers
             Joseph in Potiphar's House and in Prison

Memory Treasures for the week: 5th Commandment
                                               Genesis 39:9, Matthew 26:41
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3rd Math - This week the third graders will continue to working on regrouping in subtraction.

4th Math - The fourth graders will have a test on addition and subtraction on Tuesday.


3rd Grade: Unit 8     Long a: ai, ay
Basic Words: aid, pay, chain, mail, tray, paint, maybe, plain, lay, main, always, pail, laid, away, paid, seven

4th Grade: Unit 8     Vowel Sounds: /yoo/, /oo/
  Basic Words: flute, view, student, whose, clue, human, juice, few, true, tube, truth, glue, dew, lose, tulip, used, due, fruit, music, rule, seventh
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    We are taking a break from our reading books to enjoy two novels. One group is reading Stone Fox, and the other group is reading Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.


   This week our study of nouns will focus on special plural nouns and singular possessive nouns.

Social Studies

  We will not have Social Studies until the second quarter of the school year.     


  This week we will talk about the carbon and water cycles.