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Religion (Christ-Light)

This week's theme: God is the Lord of life and death. 

Lessons: Elijah and Elisha
             The Shunammite Woman

Memory Treasures for the week: Psalm 23:6
                                              John 14:19, 7th Petition
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3rd Math - The third graders will have a math test on multiplication on Wednesday.

4th Math - This week the fourth graders will work with solid figures and finding the volume of solid figures.


3rd Grade: Unit 33     Suffixes: -er, -est
Basic Words: larger, sadder, widest, sharper, closest, hotter, saddest, redder, reddest, wider, later, largest, closer, hottest, latest, safer, thinnest, hundred, longest, whiter

4th Grade: Unit 33     Suffixes: -ness, -ment
  Basic Words: kindness, treatment, stillness, apartment, fitness, pavement, weakness, shipment, brightness, agreement, placement, illness, enjoyment, darkness, movement, softness, boldness, payment, thickness, sadness, hundredth
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   This week the students will start working on an animal research report.


    The students will have a test on Ch. D1 - Skin - on Tuesday. They will receive a study guide on Monday to help them review.


3rd Grade - Lesson 19 - Test on Tuesday
Lesson story - Half-Chicken
Lesson vocabulary words: deliberately, composed, swift, vain, overheard, suggested, enormous, exclaimed, gratitude, compassion

4th Grade: Lesson 19 - Test on Tuesday
Lesson story: Juan Verdades: The Man Who Couldn't Tell a Lie
Lesson Vocabulary words: magnificent, insisted, declared, confidently, distressed, gloated, anxiously

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