Service Project with St. John's Dorcas Society

On Monday, May 1, students in K-2 will deliver their cheerful "May baskets"
to St. John's members who are shut-ins. Some of our members live within walking distance of our school, so the children will be able to greet their elderly friends and sing a few songs as well. This is a wonderful opportunity for the littles ones to demonstrate Christian love and service!  

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       Math Fact Practice Grade 2  
              Week of April 24-28
  This is the last week of MATH FACT PRACTICE!

The second grade class is working on improving their speed and accuracy in math class. We are moving from concrete to abstract learning and the number lines will be used less and less!  

Each week a Math Fact Practice form will be sent home with your child. Please practice the facts
four times a week for 15 minutes a session. Return the form with your child at the beginning of each new week. 
Although we practice the math facts in school by using "buddy review" and timed tests, it is quite helpful for the children to receive extra reinforcement at home. 
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I Scream for Books!

     Since Book It is over for this year, we will use another reading incentive program to encourage the children to read during this last quarter of the school year.  The program is called "I Scream for Books!".  We are asking each student to read 100 minutes each of the next six weeks.  Every week the students will receive a chart to record their minutes on.  For every week that they meet the goal, each student will add ice cream sundae ingredients to their paper bowl in the hallway. All students that read every week will join us for an ice cream party. We hope that all of the students will participate.  Reading is a lifelong skill, one that can always be improved upon...More Information