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Homecoming Parade 2017

The annual Lewiston- Altura Homecoming Parade will be held this Friday at about 2:00 p.m. The parade will come right past St. John's and the children will attend the festivities.

         School Chapel Service              
          September 28, 2017

On Thursday, September 28, the school children will gather in the church for our monthly chapel service. An envelope will be sent home if you would like to send an offering for missions.
Let us praise and worship our loving Lord!  The worship service begins at 8:10 a.m.  All are welcome to attend!

PALS (Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening)

During the next few weeks, the PALS screening tool will be administered in the first and second grade classroom.  It is a research-based reading assessment for classroom teachers to use with students in the lower grades.  It is designed to help teachers identify students who are struggling in basic reading skills and to offer specific information to guide instruction according to students' literacy needs.  
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Singing Schedule

The singing schedule for the months of September-January has been posted on the "calendar" tab on St. John's site.  Please refer to this schedule as the weeks progress.  
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IXL Math Practice

Recently,  your child received a user name and password to access an excellent math practice program called IXL. We use this site regularly in our classroom.  I encourage you to support your child's learning in school by practicing these skills at home.  If you have questions regarding this program, feel free to contact me.


The first and second grade class have begun a vocabulary program called Word A Day. Here is how it works.  Each school day a new word is assigned to one student in the class.  He or she will bring home the Word A Day bag containing a notebook, a student dictionary and an index card revealing the chosen word of the day.  The child is encouraged to find the word in the student dictionary or on the Internet. Next, he or she will write a "child friendly" meaning of the word and provide a picture in the drawing space of the notebook.  This picture can be hand drawn or printed from another source.  Also, the child is asked to show and tell" the meaning of the word to the class the following day through the use of a visual, such as a small model of the word, stuffed toy or craft project.  Creativity is welcomed!
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St. John's Library

Every Wednesday your child will have the opportunity to visit St. John's Library. The children may check out two books each time. The books may be kept for one week, or renewed at check in. On library day, the children are asked to return the books to a designated basket in our classroom.

During the summer and at selected times of the year, we update our book selection. We hope the children are excited to "check out " our new book arrivals!
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Mrs. Dorn's Classroom Library

The library in Mrs. Dorn's classroom is open to all first and second grade students. New books have been added  over the summer months. Several of the books are also leveled, which makes it simple to find a "just right" book for your child to read at home!

Each child may choose two books to read at a time. Please encourage your child to read these books before selecting new ones.
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The first and second graders will enjoy physical education each Monday and Friday morning. Mr. Essig will lead the class on Monday mornings and Mrs. Robin Randall. a retired phy-ed instructor, will team teach with Mr. Essig on Fridays. During that time, Mrs. Dorn will teach music concepts to the fifth and sixth grade students.
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