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K-2 will sing in the 9:00 a.m. worship service on Sunday, May 6 at Jehovah Lutheran Church in Altura. Please place this date on your calendar, as we hope your child will be able to join us!  Sing to the Lord a new song of praise!


         School Chapel Service              
               April 26, 2018

On Thursday, April 26, the school children will gather in the church for our monthly chapel service. An envelope will be sent home if you would like to send an offering for missions.
Let us worship and praise our loving Lord!  The worship service begins at 8:10 a.m.  All are welcome to attend!

St. John's Talent Show 2018

Grades K-2 will be performing in St. John's Talent Show on May 14 at 6:30 p.m. We are preparing some special entertainment for you and hope your child will be able to join us!  

As we prepare for this wonderful evening, please help your child gather his or her attire.  We would like the children to wear baseball caps and t-shirts, naming a team if possible.  For example, a Twins shirt and baseball cap would look great together!  If your child doesn't own "team" apparel, please don't feel obligated to purchase anything!  Let Mrs. Dorn know, and we will help you find what you need!  Thanks for your help!
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Take Flight...Read!
Week 3
April 23-29

Since Book IT! is over for this year, we will be using a different reading incentive program to encourage the children to read during these last weeks of the school year.  The program is called "Take Fight... Read".  We are asking the students to read 100 minutes each of the next six weeks.  Every week the students will receive a chart to record their minutes on.  For every week that the students meet their goal, they will add to their kites in the hallway.  For every two weeks that the students read, they will receive a small reward. We hope that all of the students will participate.  Reading is a lifelong skill, one that can always be improved upon...More Information

Fun with the Facts in Second Grade!
                          April 18-24

It is time for the second graders to practice math facts on their math wheels!  We are working on addition and subtraction facts in our classroom, so I am encouraging the children to "think through" the problems in their heads.  We are using our number lines and linking cubes less and less!  Please encourage your child to spend 10-15 minutes, four times a week, practicing these facts with you.  I will send home the appropriate fact cards to be studied for the week.  Thanks for your help!
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          ALL ABOUT INSECTS!          April 6-May 2

The first and second grade class are using a vocabulary program called Word A Day. Here is how it works.  Each school day a new word is assigned to one student in the class.  He or she will bring home the Word A Day bag containing a notebook, a student dictionary and an index card revealing the chosen word of the day.  The child is encouraged to find the word in the student dictionary or on the Internet. Next, he or she will write a "child friendly" meaning of the word and provide a picture in the drawing space of the notebook.  This picture can be hand drawn or printed from another source.  Also, the child is asked to show and tell" the meaning of the word to the class the following day through the use of a visual, such as a small model of the word, stuffed toy or craft project.  Creativity is welcomed!
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 Fluency Sentences
      First Grade

The first grade class is working on reading fluency during the month of April.  An effective reading strategy to practice this skill is to use word fluency sentence cards.  These cards can be found in your child's Read Every Day Bag on select days this week (April 15-19).  Please practice these fluency sentences with your child two times each evening they are assigned, and return the cards to school the next school day. My goal for the children is to read each sentence accurately and continuously until the period or end mark is seen on the card. 
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