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End of the Year China Party

This week the children will enjoy a CHINA PARTY in our classroom.  We will finish up our study of China with a special powerpoint presentation and sampling of cultural foods.  Chopsticks may be needed at this event!

Bring a Bag and a Rag on Friday!

On Friday, May 26, the children will clean and empty their desks of all school supplies for the end of the year. Please provide a bag for taking home school items and a rag to clean desk areas. Thank you!

School Chapel Service
      May 2017

On Wednesday, May 24, the children will gather in church for our monthly chapel service. Envelopes will be sent home if your child would like to give an offering for missions.  Thanks!

St. John's Graduation Service
         May 26, 2017

On Friday, May 26, St. John's Graduation Worship Service will be held in the church. Please send your child to Mrs. Dorn's classroom by 6:45 p.m. We have prepared special anthems to sing this evening.

We hope all of the children will be present for this special celebration. A reception for the graduates will follow in the Activity Center. Everyone is welcome!

Tour Day - May 23, 2017

On Tuesday, May 23, K-2 will travel to La Crosse to enjoy St. John's Tour Day.  We will make three stops, including The Children's Museum of La Crosse, Petco and The Pearl Ice Cream Parlor.  The children will return to school in time to ride the bus home.


I Scream for Books!

     Since Book It is over for this year, we will use another reading incentive program to encourage the children to read during this last quarter of the school year.  The program is called "I Scream for Books!".  We are asking each student to read 100 minutes each of the next six weeks.  Every week the students will receive a chart to record their minutes on.  For every week that they meet the goal, each student will add ice cream sundae ingredients to their paper bowl in the hallway. All students that read every week will join us for an ice cream party. We hope that all of the students will participate.  Reading is a lifelong skill, one that can always be improved upon...More Information