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Art 2017-2018

Optical Illusion
October 17, 2017
Your art project is called Optical Illusion Art.
1. Draw a dot in the middle of your paper.
2. From that dot draw out 8 lines.
3. Connect every other line with arcs (convex lines), so that it appears to bubble.)
4. Now draw concave lines that touch the rounded lines on every other line.
5. Choose 2 markers and 2 colored pencils. Alternate with these colors using your markers.
  More Information

Art 2016-2017

April 30, 2017

Finish painting your "Moving Fish."
1. The water between the seaweed needs to be painting making tints with warm colors.
​2. Add details (lines, patterns, dots) in the fish by making tints on the shaded fish.
​3. Add details in your water with your Sharpie.
​4.Then outline the fish and seaweed with your Sharpie  More Information

Art 2015-2016

April 26, 2016
1. Finish drawing your face. Use the handout to help you.
2. Decorate your cell phone cover.  More Information