Memory  Treasures
       Week of ... April 23-27

Memory Treasures are assigned each week.  They consist of Bible passages, commandments(meanings), hymn verses or portions of the Apostles' Creed.  At times, the hymn verses will be divided into two assignments to ease in memorization.  

The children will be asked to recite each memory treasure individually, except for hymn verses.  These songs will be sung in small groups near the piano.  Please assist your child in memorizing these precious treasures.  We pray that God's Word will be learned and retained in your child's mind and heart each and every day!

Memory treasures will be recited the day after they are assigned. No assignments will be given on weekends or holidays.

Monday, April 23
Hymn 606:1 first half

Tuesday, April 24
Hymn 606:1 last half

Wednesday, April 25
I Timothy 2:3,4a

Thursday, April 26
Hymn 573;1 first half

Friday, April 27