Welcome to the Principal's Corner

Mr. David Menges


“The Ultimate Gift” is the name of a movie that Iʼve enjoyed watching in the

past. That title has always made me think of the real “ultimate Gift”, Godʼs

most precious gift to us, His Son, Jesus. What can be more important than to

teach Godʼs children about Jesus and His plan of salvation for a sin-filled world.

Through Him only will we reach our ultimate goal of eternal life in heaven. What

better reason is there for the existence of St. Johnʼs Lutheran School?

The young people at St. Johnʼs daily receive instruction in the Word of God and

consistently learn from a curriculum that is guided by that Word. They are gently

moved by the Spirit to know that all they have, both spiritually and physically,

are gifts the gracious hand of God. Nothing in this world is more important than

the faith that we have in our Savior.

You have been motivated by the Gospel to provide Christian education for your

children. We have a wonderful facility, dedicated staff, up-to-date curriculum, and

many other extras that have come because of your generous offerings. May our

school always be a haven for Christ-centered education where the Gospel is at

the core of everything we do.

A special thanks to the many volunteers who graciously give of their time and

talents to make this an effective school; we couldnʼt do it without you. Many

memorials and other gifts have enabled us to purchase equipment and supplies

that have enhanced our studies.


Christian education has long been a very important arm of this church and well it

should be. We ask your prayers for continued blessings so that our efforts here

at your school may be used by the Holy Spirit to make disciples of His children.

Have a blessed 2017 school year!

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