Native American Villages 2018
SW Native Americans
The 5-6 grade recently completed their Native American unit. Their final project was to present their villages to the K-4 classrooms. Students villages were based on the Native American environments, beliefs, and lifestyles. The kids did a wonderful job and the K-4 students asked some wonderful questions. Please take a look at some of the pictures. 

2007 Time Capsules (Updated)
The St. John's 6th grade (Class of 2010) time capsules will be viewed after their high school graduation. After much anticipation, the capsules were open in August of 2015. We found the treeline to be radically different which made for an adventure in finding the capsules. After probing for an hour, we found them! The boys were a little disappointed in the condition of the contents. Water had seeped in and we were able to salvage a few items. Here are a few items and pictures of the event. It was a lot of fun!

Monarch Butterfly Project
Looking for the right leaf
The 5th-6th grade classroom continues to watch their monarch butterflies change before them. Milkweed, the common food for monarchs, was picked, washed, and stored this week. The caterpillars will eat the milkweed as a defensive measure. The poisionous milkweed plant will keep predators from eating the monarch.

Please take a look at some of the photos taken last week. We will try to update them as soon as possible.