Book Report Glogs
The 5th grade created glogs to explain their recent book reports. We hope you enjoy their glogs.
Mayan-Aztec Projects
The 5th-6th grade classroom recently created Aztec ane Mayan epub books using the Book Creator App on the iPad. Please come and journey with the class back into time. The projects are in epub format, and they may not open immediately.
Egyptian Newspapers

The 5th-6th grade created Egyptian newspapers to inform their readers about the life of Joseph. As in the life of Joseph, God's brings his plan into focus at his time. We wait and ask Him for guidance as Joseph did in his life.
Creation Glogs

The 5th-6th grade have finished their study of Genesis 1. They created glogs, digital posters, about God's beautiful world. I hope you enjoy!
Book report Imovies
6th grade classroom recently completed their first imovie. Please view their first book venture into this media as they talk to you about their book reports
Keynote: Jesus' Temptations
Our Christ lessons have talked about the life of Jesus. Students have created Keynote presentations about the lesson, Jesus's Temptations.
Onomatopoeia Poems
Students created poems using onomatopoeia words in their poem. They are quite clever. Please take a look at their creations.
Resurrection Newspapers
Students created newspapers from different perspectives: Roman, Jewish, and Christian. Please take a look at their creations.